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I started doing web developement for clients in 2005 after teaching children how to write websites with straight HTML code for many years.

From early 2009 until end of March 2018, I shared a business with my husband, Phil.

Through Deep Code Consulting, I did website development. Go to to learn about my website projects and read testimonials.


As of April 2018, I am focusing on teaching pottery.

I continue to maintain a few low maintenance sites with current clients.


basic rate

• $90/hr., invoiced monthly

discount options

• prepaid: $75/hr.
Payment received any time before work is started.

• quick-pay: $80/hr.

Payment received within 24 hrs. of small job completion.
An email with total time worked is sent for each job.

consulting agreement

If you would like to be a client, please ask for this as it needs to be signed before we get started, and updated annually.

payment options

• send a check
• use your credit card (speak to me for how to share info securely)

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