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Gift Certificate: Private Pottery/Art Lessons!

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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

-Thomas Merton

pottery: wheel techiniques (throwing & trimming), surface decoration (carving, stamping, resist, handles...), glazing (hand painted)
more visual art options: painting, drawing, printmaking, quilting, mixed-media, and more!
one-on-one attention up to 3 students max
• materials and firing is included (within reason)
2 hours per class is recommended
• class time flexibility

debra working on the wheel throwing a pot

Debra Griffin

pottery lessons


The studio is in Ashland, MA.
The studio is up a flight of stairs; not accessible, sorry!

We have two awesome Shimpo Whisper wheels, the best!

verb: to motivate others to be creative with clay
past tense example: My students mudivated me too!

- a person can be mudivated (inspired to create with clay)
- clay can be mudivated (transformed)
- pottery classes can be mudivational (inspiring)

demo during private art lessons


My 10 yr. old daughter, Mia, and I love learning to throw pottery together. Deb is a calm and patient teacher, helping us with techniques without stifling our own creativity. We look forward to each of our classes.
- Elaine

Throwing pottery is really fun! Deb gives me lots of ideas of what I can do but she lets me do it all on my own.
- Mia, 10

This class turned out to be so much more than I expected! It is yoga for my mind that keeps me centered and balanced. Making pottery seemed complex at first, but Deb is a very skillful teacher. She guides us through it step by step making it easy and logical. There is always something new to learn, something creative to try and something unexpected to discover within oneself. It isn't the end result that brings me the most pleasure; it is the process of working with the clay that responds to my moods. I feel accomplished to see how far I have come in three years. It is nice to use what I make too. Food tastes better in my pottery, even if it's an allusion.
- Tonya

My pottery night is the highlight of my week; I count days to the next lesson. Every time I learn more, and grow more passionate to create. Clay is so amazingly flexible and an inspiring medium, giving in under your hands to an idea and surprising you at the same time.

Deb's showcase pieces are a huge inspiration. She is the best at providing productive instructions and nurturing creative spirits at the same time. Debra is a generous teacher. I see she gets happiness from sharing her knowledge, experience, and useful tools. The studio breathes inspiration at all times.
- Olga

I've loved pottery my entire life and have always wanted to take lessons. I've finally found some time to pursue this dream.

Debra is an intuitive and patient teacher, who tailors her style to the student's objectives. My objective is not to make a few pots but to learn the skill of throwing on the wheel...really learn it. So my classes tend to run a bit slow due to my desire to understand what I'm doing, why and then if the outcome was as I ask a lot of questions. I approach it as a problem (undeveloped skill) that needs to be solved.

Debra has taught me enough of the basics to feel confident enough to get my own wheel and continue to solve the problem...practice, practice, practice some more.

What you also get when you work with Debra is the practical side of pottery; how to work smart, safe and ecologically. All important lessons one doesn't consider when you think about making pottery, but just as important as the skill itself if you want to have your own studio. I'm very lucky to have found Deb's studio!
- Ellen

I have never done pottery before. I thought of all visual art as something that was out of reach. I was never good at doing anything 2 dimensional, and because of that, I thought that I wasn't capable of creating art. With pottery, you work with something material, rather than focusing solely on an idea in your head. I think that's why I could do it. Instead of working with my hand, a pencil, and paper, I could transfer my thoughts into the clay. I could feel the change happening, rather than seeing it. I could have more control and be more involved. Pottery really is a physical art. Thank you! It is an amazing experience.
- Travora, 16

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