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“Joy and contentment are all around.   
You just have to know where to look.”   

   -James Scott   

  my visual art is arranged in these groups

pottery | unique comfort natural food safe
comfort pottery

My overall goal is for my pottery to bring comfort to all who use it: comforting to use, hold, and to look at.

Making pottery gives me the opportunity to sculpt three-dimensionally, hand paint (glazes), and make something unique and beautiful, yet functional. My high-fired stoneware pots are able to be used daily and are safe for food, dishwashers and microwaves.

beaded jewelry by Debra Griffin
beaded jewelry

I have been making ceramic (and glass pendants), and beading them into necklaces. I need to get pictures of my new line of "shoulder cat" necklaces on this site.

I also learned to knit and crochet with beads and wire, and made some playful jewelry with those techniques.

(The model wearing my bracelets in the picture to the left is not me. She bought one of my bracelets at JPOS one year.)

seeds used to make scenes

seeds (in "seed paintings")

These natural mosaics are filled with minute detail. They are made with a great assortment of seeds and dried plant materials that I collected in my own garden and along trails I travel. These seed paintings, in shadow-box frames, represent landscapes, poetic images, and designs.

trees in art

Trees are my favorite motif. I am very appreciative of what they give us... from the air we breathe, to beauty in every season. They are a continuing inspiration for me.

This group of images of trees (and leaves) are made with a great variety of materials and techniques.

cloth in mixed-media art

Cloth has such beautiful color, designs, and texture. (I wish I could find such colorful glazes!) I am inspired to use such wonderful cloth in my mixed-media art... sometimes with seeds, beads, beans...and other unique materials. I see cloth in the store, and materials in my studio, and wonder: "How will these look together?" Those wonderings lead to my creations.

abstract art


Sometimes I like to play with line, texture, color, and materials without a thought of what it means other than my idea of beauty and good composition.



Giclés are museum quality, archival prints. The pieces of art in this group have been made into Giclés and are in limited number editions.


I like to use cloth in a traditional fashion quilts for beds (adult and baby sized), wall hangings, table cloths, and placemats. I usually make my own pattern, or make it up as I go.

Both of my grandmothers were quilters and my mother was the first to teach me to sew. This skill of mine is inspired by them.

sewn paintings

paper quilts

This was my first body of work that I felt was show-able. They are small paintings of vibrant color on paper that I sewed together with hand-made papers. I found working this way was less intimidating than working on a large "canvas."

a variety of other kinds of art


This group is of creations that generally don't fit into the other groups. Some of these are of serious work I made to process what was happening in the world.

art called Little Souls

little souls

One hot summer day without air conditioning, I sat on the floor with my collections of odds and ends, and made these little figures. They seemed to have souls, so I gave them names, unique backgrounds, and shadow box frames.


sculptures (and mobiles)

I use metal in wired-together, or welded, garden art. I make rustic garden furniture or trellises (functional art). I took a glass blowing class (see the nfs page to get an idea of what I made) and I make ceramic sculptures along with carved pottery now.

photography of flowers, butterflies, trees, natural scenes, human creations and the animal kingdom

My digital camera is a useful tool for capturing the unique things I see that surprise or interest me. The topics I am drawn to capture are: flowers, butterflies, trees, natural scenes, human creations, and the animal kingdom.

These are available as note cards (good quality prints mounted on recycled paper).

art done collaboratively


These are murals or paintings done with children. In general, the subject matter was the child's. The young artists work with me: drawing ideas and painting.

commissioned art


I was asked to make these creations. Included is the on-going displays that I did for a nearby restaurant.

images that can inspire commissions

nfs (not-for-sale)

This is my collection of art that I can't part with. Ideas/commissions have come from sharing these.

I can accept all credit cards now! In person, or over the phone.

Contact me to arrange for purchases.



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