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“Whatever the artist makes is always some kind of a self-portrait.”

- Marisol

debra griffin  potter

As of March 2022, I now go by Diana, not Debra or Deb (but not legally yet). It might not be changed everywhere on this site though.

While making art, restful focus comes to me, bringing contentment, joy and healing. I wish to share these feelings with others.

Pottery is my current focus because working with clay is fun and I can draw and/or carve, work three-dimensionally, and paint...all for one piece.

I don't always know what I will make. I like to experiment to see what new things I can create that I will like.

I care about each step of the process...finding relaxation by paying attention to details.


Working on the wheel helps me be centered (or my pots aren't centered), and to be patient due to the many steps involved. But as they say, good things come to those who wait.

The materials I have used to make all the art on this site are:

clay, natural materials, beads, handmade papers, cloth, wire, ribbons, and various kinds of paints and drawing mediums. I love working with color and texture.

(photo on the right is by Patrick Rogers ©2013, Diana doing a demo of pottery techniques during Diana's pottery sale at the Ashland Farmers Market during the summer of 2013)

private art lessons

Come work together with me in my studio! I can help you learn about materials and techniques... supporting you in your creative pursuits.
read more about private art and pottery lessons with Diana Griffin

debra griffin nature lover

an environmentalist even while making art

I reuse clay in my pottery. Very little clay goes down the drain.
I use recycled card stock and envelops for my note cards.
I find, dry, and use natural materials in mixed-media art (seed paintings).
I repurpose beads, etc. in my necklaces.
I decorate used clothing (revived wearable art).


Unhampered by rules or plans, I let materials guide me in my playful explorations. I also create serious work as I process emotions and current events.

My experiences of traveling and living in many states and countries, gardening, and taking a variety of challenging art classes fuel my creative drive. While working in my garden, or hiking here and there, I see so much in nature that amazes me. I try to capture some of that with my photography and art.

debra griffin artist

paradise was revealed
for one brief moment

-Dag Hammarskjöld, Markings

When I was a child, I saw a poem written by Dag Hammarskjöld. Since my initials are D.A.G., I was immediately drawn to his first name and decided to use it when I sign my art.

The portion of his poem, above, speaks to me.
It captures something about how I feel about the wonders of nature.

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