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diana teaching pottery skills diana working on the wheel throwing a potdebra teaching pottery skills

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."

-Thomas Merton

Studio Together!


wheel techiniques (throwing & trimming)
surface decoration (carving, stamping, resist, handles, and more!)
hand painting and overlapping commercial glazes to get what we want from them, underglaze painting designs, and more

demo during private art lessons private art lessons for groups or individuals
private art lessons

more visual art options

and more!


$50 for 2 hours

discounts for multiple family members may apply
materials and firing is included (within reason)

Agueda learning about color and composition, 2012-13 >

pottery lessons


available for adults & mature teenagers
2 students maximum in each class
2 hours/class is recommended
class time flexibility

students with their work and testimonials
missed class fee policies

We have two awesome Shimpo Whisper wheels, the best!

pottery lessons


The studio is in Ashland, MA.
The studio is up a flight of stairs; not accessible, sorry!

contact me about pottery classes

gift certificate (print now, pay later...
send gift amount along to the first class)

shown left: the studio and the S.W.I.P. shelves
(Student Work in Progress)...we all have our own shelf to store our work in progress

playful definitions

In Studio Together, "studio" can be a verb.

eg. "Let's studio together!" or "Want to studio together today?"

verb: to motivate others to be creative with clay

past tense example: My students mudivated me too!

- a person can be mudivated (inspired to create with clay)
- clay can be mudivated (transformed into something unique and special)
- pottery classes can be mudivational (inspiring)...
like pottery shows at places like the Fuller Craft Museum

pottery lessons


- contact Diana if you are interested in joining us to Studio Together
- gift certificate: print now, pay later
- students with their work and testimonials
- the process page including videos!
- our BLOG
- 2016 student pottery show at the Ashland Public Library
- missed class fee policies
- DAG pottery

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all professional shots
including black and whites, Tonya, Olga, and Ira by Patrick Rogers ©2013

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